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The Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) is recruiting applicants for an Analyst/Programmer III position located in our new Geologic Materials Center (GMC) facility in Anchorage, Alaska. The duties for this position are two-fold.

  1. 60% − remote application development and database management/design for the DGGS Geologic Communications Section in Fairbanks. DGGS geoscientists collect, analyze, and disseminate information about Alaska’s geologic resources and potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures. This position provides database support and creates applications to improve the agency’s overall data management efficiency and online delivery of geologic data.
  2. 40% − development and maintenance of the GMC’s Inventory Management System in Anchorage. The Alaska GMC, located in Eagle River, Alaska until September 2014, is the central repository in which geologic materials (core and rock samples, processed slides, etc.) collected from Alaska are cataloged, stored, and studied. This position supports the relocation of the facility to Anchorage and provides tools for inventory maintenance and facility operations in the long term.

We are seeking a self-motivated, versatile, creative, and detail-oriented programmer with experience in database design, application development, and inventory management, who can effectively contribute to collaborative projects and thrive in a team-based work culture. The position requires the following:

  • Extensive experience writing code for web based applications using Java, Javascript, HTML, PHP, and the use of object-oriented design to develop software;
  • Ability to develop online data delivery applications utilizing a variety of tools and libraries, including Java Server Pages/Java Servlets, jQuery, OpenLayers, Sphinx Search Server, Hibernate, MyBatis, Memcached, Lucene, the GNU toolchain, Google Maps, jQueryUI, and SimpleWMS;
  • Extensive database design experience using a wide variety of database platforms, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Access, as well as relational database design and replication;
  • Use of spatial databases such as Oracle Spatial and PostGIS to create online applications that use OGC standards (WFS, WMS, etc.) to display geospatial data;
  • Experience designing user interfaces compliant with modern Internet and the Section 508 accessibility standards;
  • Working knowledge of general IT processes and of computer hardware and network technology;
  • As a remote team member, must have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to communicate using multiple media. Communicates effectively with technical and non-technical staff;
  • Ability to successfully and consistently follow schedules, set goals, meet deadlines, accomplish objectives, and work productively with a high degree of independence.

The ideal incumbent will have the following desired knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Experience with embedded LINUX development using C, the GNU toolchain, and UNIX shell;
  • Project management experience, including the ability to define and refine project specifications; design projects; estimate program size, completion time, and extrapolate milestones;
  • Experience analyzing organizational business processes, planning for future growth, and creating software to support and optimize process efficiency and reliability;
  • Ability to install, integrate, test, and maintain software for development environments;
  • Experience designing middleware to allow data sharing between inbound and outbound multi-master database replicas;
  • Experience implementing security measures to protect sensitive data and personal information;
  • Ability to critique and de-bug the work of other team members and outside contractors;
  • Experience providing training and support for software and general technology issues;
  • Self-motivated to seek out and learn advanced and emerging technology, and apply it to projects;
  • Experience working with physical scientists and (or) some geologic background;
  • Some experience with spatial data, including knowledge of projections/datums and data visualization;
  • Experience with ArcGIS for Server.
Minimum Qualifications:
Two years of computer programming experience in a recognized computer language. One year of this experience must have been in a business application, scientific application, microcomputer or computer information management support specialty.

A bachelor’s degree with a major in Computer Science (CS) or Computer Information Systems (CIS), or a related degree with (18) semester/(24) quarter hours of CS or CIS may substitute for one year of the required experience. An associate’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems may substitute for nine months of the required experience.

Special Note:
Individual positions at each level in this class series may require expertise in a particular area of programming or analysis. Recruitment and selection will be on the basis of these requirements.

For some positions in these job classes a background investigation including fingerprinting is required.


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